What does it really mean to clean green?

Our answer to this question is products that work and work well and are friendly to our environment. Clean Green Restoration can do just that using a USDA approved environmentally safe product that not only cleans well but surpasses the competition.

Environmentally safe mold removal products

Using Clean Green Restoration for your home restoration needs not only helps you but the future environment for all. Our products are purely biodegradable and can be used for many applications.

Our trained technicians will not only demonstrate our product for your review, they will also show how the product can’t be beat. If the product has the industrial strength and is environmentally safe, everyone wins. We can restore and protect everything from your roof, deck, siding and remove and retard mold with an unbeatable guarantee.

Put us to the test and see what we can do for you!


Clean Green Restoration LLC. mission statement is to educate and demonstrate to all consumers that there is a healthy NON-TOXIC approach to specialty cleaning. We can extend life cycle costs on most products from personal items to building materials. By extending life cycles of most products we save the consumer thousands of dollars. Spending a few dollars today for our services will save thousands in the consumers pockets. We provide the consumer the best choice that does NOT add bleach or chlorine to our environment. We want to save our planet Earth by providing only biodegradable non-toxic cleaning techniques. By providing such products and services we provide a safe environment for our plants, good micro-organisms for growth of live, our domestic animals, our structures, ourselves, and our own planet. Clean Green Restoration LLC. wants to reverse the negative trend of using toxic materials to non-toxic cleaning materials to leave a better healthier Earth for our children and their future.

What people are saying about us

Melvin was great! He tested for moisture and there was none so we didn’t need restoration services. No charge for the evaluation. Will definitely call them if ever needed. Thank you Melvin and Clean Green!
Todd Shapiro

Google Review, ★★★★★

A great outfit! His rates are affordable. Being in real estate as an occupation I have recommended his services several times and I can trust that he’ll get the job done right.
Ben Hansen

Google Review, ★★★★★

I had Clean Green do a small job and the results are amazing. Not the cheapest bid I got but definitely worth the money. The quote was well defined and I appreciated the extra effort the crew took. They were all very respectful and do recommend them and have to a family member.
Kayla Holmes

Google Review, ★★★★★

The staff at Clean Green is nothing but the best. They have been great to our family. They are for you and not the insurance company.

When our insurance refused to pay for an air quality test I called Clean Green. They came out and after seeing visible signs of mold they did the tests needed to get to the insurance. The insurance was not satisfied with the report because an outside air sample was not done (Not truly needed when you have signs of mold inside the house)

Clean Green came back out free of charge and did the outside test along with repeating the inside tests and took additional photos to send to the insurance company. They have bent over backwards to protect our family not just from the mold in the house but our own insurance.

I highly recommend Clean Green Restoration to anyone who wants the job done right and will back you up when your insurance tries to get out of fixing the problem.

The Hoarders Attic

Google Review, ★★★★★

Responsive turn-around, professional staff and willing to warranty their work.
Rodd Marcum

Google Review, ★★★★★