paint brushesCan you paint over the mold to clean the wall and keep the mold from spreading?

Never paint over the mold.

You create more problems and more costs to remove the mold. EPA states not to paint over the mold. First, the paint will not stick to the mold completely and the paint can peel.

Secondly, entrapping mold in the paint does not remove it from the property.

You are keeping the mold in the property and when the paint fails, those entrapped mold spores can then spread and increasing the chances of the mold to cause residual health effects. EPA states to kill the mold and remove the mold from the property. Encapsulation processes does not follow EPA Guidelines and this process should never be used.

Companies who encapsulate do so because their cleaning agent does not kill and remove the mold. This is why they paint over their work and entrap the mold in the property. This is the
only way to pass a post test for such company processes. Never choose encapsulation as a remediation method. It will cost you money, time, and a mental headache.

If you are experiencing a mold problem with your home or business, hire mold removal professionals in western Washington today.