Full Spectrum Healthy Home Inspection.

Clean Green Restoration is a company dedicated to healthier products for you and the environment. We are now offering a full spectrum inspection that consists of the following.

  1. Full attic inspection.
  2. Full crawlspace or basement inspection.
  3. Air quality testing to include mold.
  4. Infrared and humidity testing.
  5. Total volatile organic compound assessment/testing.
  6. Particulate testing.
  7. Pest Inspection.
Full detailed description of items below.

home with mold. Mold remediation needed.


Attic inspection would consist of the following.

  • Leak detection of the roof,
  • Inspection of insulation (type and is it adequate).
  • Ventilation issues.
  • Rodent activity and intrusion areas.
  • Ducting issues if applicable.
  • Ice damming issues.
  • Mold growth issues.


Crawl or basement would consist of the following.

  • Water intrusion.
  • Drainage issues.
  • Water supply and drain leaks.
  • Insulation if applicable.
  • Vapor barrier.
  • Rodent activity.
  • Rodent intrusion areas.
  • Humidity issues (Basement)
  • Mold growth issues.

    Air Quality Testing

    • Interior air quality and mold testing.
    • TVOC testing
    • Particulate air testing

    Infrared and Humidity Testing: Interior

    • Heat loss, draft areas of the home.
    • Relative Humidity Testing

    Pest Inspection

    • Interior envelope of the home to include attic and crawl.

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